Berry Section Presentations 2013

Bernadines Handout: Nutrient Management of Berry Crops 

Pesticide Update - Joe DeFrancesco, Assistant Professor, NWREC, OSU

New Herbicides for Weed Management of Berry Crops - Tim Miller, Extension Weed Specialist, WSU, Mt. Vernon, WA
New Herbicides for Old Problems in Blueberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry - Bernard Zandstra, Professor, Weed Scientist, MSU, Lansing, MI
Strawberry Research Update from WSU- Tom Walters, Extension Small Fruits Specialist, WSU, Mt. Vernon, WA
Reducing Insecticide Inputs for SWD Management in Berries  - Alternate Row Sprays for Raspberries - Jimmy Klick, Graduate Research Assistant, Entomology, Horticulture Department, OSU
Precision Insecticide Application for Controlling Spotted Wing Drosophila in Mature Highbush Blueberry - Lynell Tanigoshi, Extension Entomologist, WSU, Mt. Vernon. WA
Berry Variety Update - Chad Finn, Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS
Organic Blackberry Research Update - Bernadine Strik, Professor and Berry Crops Specialist, OSU
Berry Crop Insurance Program - Jo Lynne Seufer, Outreach Specialist, USDA Risk Management Agency, Spokane, WA

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